The future of Unix

Many media outlets and Linux zealots talk the imminent death of Unix to the advantage of Linux. Nice to see, that customers think different. The Computerworld writes in “Survey: Unix has a long and healthy future, say users”:

When asked to select a statement describing their Unix strategy, more than half underlined the importance of Unix by selecting "Unix is an essential platform for us and will remain so indefinitely" (42%) or "We are increasing our use of Unix" (15%). Another 18% described Unix's role as shrinking, but not disappearing. 17% pointed to plans to migrate away from Unix.

I have only a single problem with this article:

AIX was the most commonly reported flavor of Unix used by the survey base (42%), followed by Solaris/SPARC (39%), HP-UX (25%), Solaris/x86 (22%), Other Unix flavors/versions (19%), Mac OS X Server (12%) and OpenSolaris (10%).

I don´t think that AIX is the most comonly reported flavour, as they seperate the the Solaris franchise into three different groups. There should be at least 3% of people, that doesn´t use Solaris/SPARC but the other versions. Well, don´t believe a statistic without having brushed the data yourself ;)