Event announcement - Solaris Lounge: Why Oracle DB 12c runs best on Oracle Systems

Next week an interesting event takes place in Vienna on October 16th, 2014: “Solaris Lounge: Why Oracle DB 12c runs best on Oracle Systems”. I will have two presentations there. The first one is “Why the Oracle Database runs best on SPARC and Solaris” and “LiveDemo: Solaris 11.2 features: Kernel Zones, Unified Archives, SDN, puppet” Just to cite from the invitation:

This event follows up on the success of the TechDay Vienna event series, this time with emphasis on Oracle Platform advantages for the Oracle Database. We will focus on the practical implementations of the integration between the Database and the Systems layers, discussing the technical background, providing detailed examples as well as live demonstration of the mentioned technologies. Learn through what methods the right systems and engineering methods can supercharge your environment, find out what unique Oracle Database 12c technologies are available while running Oracle on Oracle, consider virtualization management tools for your IaaS platform and hear customer case studies!

You can view the agenda and the link to register here.