Solaris 11.2 announcement - a collection of links and hints (Part 5)

Casper is - as usual - a good information about Solaris: In his blog he is writing about some changes in Solaris 11.2: For example he is writing about the removal of unlink/link for directories in “Solaris 11.2: unlink(2)/link(2) for directories: your time is up.”. Another interesting article is “Solaris 11: Evolution of v_path.” about the changes to the vnode-to-pathname mapping in the light of newer Solaris 11 features. A hint for people trying out kernel zones: When you just enter the commands some blogs or websites were posting you may run into the problem that the zone won’t boot and the boot fails with a message indicating lack of memory. When you want to use kernel zones please limit the ARC cache of ZFS like This can be done with a entry like set zfs:zfs_arc_max=0x40000000(for an 1 Gig ARC) in /etc/system. This is necessary due to the fact that a kernel zone is allocating a lot of memory in a short time and sometimes the ZFS arc can’t get out of the way fast enough.