Markus Flierl about Solaris

Markus Flierl , VP in charge of Solaris Engineering at Oracle, wrote an interesting article about his impressions from the OOW2013 in “Impressions from Oracle Open World 2013”. At first he gives an nice example what happens when engineers work together … well … to engineer things to work together:

When we initially tested the Oracle DB on this large machine it took 2800s to fill a 30TB SGA when running Oracle DB 11g on S11.1. Working closely with the Oracle DB team we have been able to get this down to about 130s now! That's a 21x speed-up! We had to do a whole bunch of work on both sides to accomplish that!

However he speaks a little about the future like Solaris Kernel Zones, the Unified Template Builder and the integration of OpenStack and Puppet as well. Really worth a read.