Solaris 11 Security presentations

That was really cool in the recent days. I made my 4 “Solaris Security 11” events as part of the Oracle Business breakfast series talks in the last 2 weeks. I don’t have the final count, but the final numbers of attendees were north of 100 people, not bad for such small event series (it’s organized by local technical colleagues) with extremely technical content. There is really a lot of interest in this kind of topics. I’m doing a final release at the preso at the moment for distribution. Think i will put a deoracleized version on the blog. Friday was a little stressful. Did a second talk about “Oracle Virtual Networking” afterwards in front of a few colleagues. This is really great technology, so i like to talk about it. Closed at 14:10, went to the garage, arrived there at 14:13 (didn’t know that there was parking space directly in front of the building), the machine for payment just took cash and only bills up to 20€. Dang. Just two 50€ bills. And 17 cents short of the money in coins. Damned. Okay, going into the adjacent shopping centre to get smaller bills. 14:21. Short traffic jam in the Peteul tunnel. Doesn’t sound that bad alone, but my flight to HAM started boarding at 15:00 and so things started to get interesting and in the tunnel i got a little bit nervous. As i had to refuel and return a rental car it got even more interesting. To make the story short: Was at the gate at 15:10 .. not a single minute too early. That said: Telling people about technology, sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for it by doing such presentations. Could do this all the time ;)