A thought about the $PATH and the GNU Tools in OpenSolaris

I wasn´t really a friend of the decision to put the GNU tools in front of the native Solaris tools by setting the PATH accordingly in OpenSolaris 200x.y. I leaned more to the solution of having a seperate PATH, an additional entry in standards(5) and keeping the old default. I´m still not a fan of this. But i´m starting to believe, that this decision was the correct decision. One of the objectives of OpenSolaris 200x.y was to ease the adoption of Solaris for Linux people. In the last few weeks, i´ve made an observation by having a twitter search of Solaris: Almost all people doesn´t criticize the kernel, the are just annoyed by missing command line arguments in the tool in comparison to their known Linux tools. Those critic even rised even for commands, where a GNU alternative is available unter /usr/sfw/bin. From this point, the decision to make the GNU tools standard is a reasonable one, you don´t have to like it, but hey … you can still use Solaris Classic ;)