ZFSviz 0.003 beta - with Sun Storage 7000 support

I’ve scripted a new version of the ZFSviz script. It’s now capable to map a S7000 series appliance. You can find a beta version at my website. It uses the capability of the system to execute scripts on the CLI, so it just use supported ways and means to get to it´s informations. When you want to get the data from an S7000 device or and S7000 storage simulator you just enter ./zfsviz.pl -7 jmoekamp@ It´s important that you enabled password-less login for the account the script uses to gather the information. At the end you should yield a dot file resulting in a visualization like this one. The orange boxes are the projects in the naming scheme of the S7000 system.

I have to do further testing, so it´s not a official release, but at least it shouldn´t break anything besides not delivering a reasonable dot file. ;)