This was an idea i thought about for a while and yesterday i had some time to implement it: I will start to feed some available informations about the development of Opensolaris into Twitter. Thus i´ve started to feed the onnv-notify into It´s the raw, unedited mail alias which is used to announce the code putbacks to solve bug or to introduce new features into the opensolaris mercurial repository. A small script collects the information from a mailbox and feeds it into Twitter. Okay, it´s isn´t totally unedited: I´ve subsituted the authors name for antispam reasons by the SHA1 hash of their name. Perhaps it´s a useful source of information for one or the other. In the first time this script will run every 3 hours. Furthermore i´m thinking about feeding the SunAlerts on the same way into Twitter. Perhaps it would be a good idea to announce the availability of new patches by this mechanism.