OEM agreement with HP about Solaris

Today HP and Sun announced an multi-year agreement that makes HP an OEM for Solaris on x86. The press release from HP states:

Under the terms of the new original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and support agreement, Sun becomes a strategic HP ProLiant OS distribution partner and Solaris is now elevated to the lineup of key operating environments for the HP ProLiant platform.

Now we have all the big ones … HP, IBM and Dell. I think this is another proofpoint, that Solaris has some momentum in marketplace. You don´t make such agreements, when there is no money to make. Mark Potter is cited in the Sun press release:

"We're responding to our customers who have asked for expanded HP ProLiant operating environment support to address their diverse application requirements," said Mark Potter, senior vice president and general manager, BladeSystem and Insight Software, HP.