The future of OpenStorage - or: Opensolaris Storage Summit

Mike Shapiro held an interestin presentation: Sun Open Storage 2009-2010 . It was the first talk of the OpenSolaris Storage Summit in San Francisco. The presentations gives some directions in which direction Open Storage in the next year or so. From my perspective the chapter about global namespaces is especially interesting. Really worth a read. The complete schedule schedule looked really interesting. Another interesting one is the ZFS in the Trenches preso by Ben Rockwood for example. This presentations gives a good insight into the daily work with ZFS and consolidates his findings (Ben: You are correct, i think as well, that a high number ghost hits are a good indicator to thinking about L2ARC) But i thought that i can´t convince my boss to let me fly to SFO for a day. I wouldn´t have problems to do so … flying a day earlier to SFO and using the LH459 at 21:05 … a day later. Interestingly a flight from HAM to SFO isn´t much more expensive than a flight from HAM to FRA when you aren´t able to book a month earlier. I think i put that on my candidate list for “been there - done that” for this year ;) I will ask my boss the next time i see an interesting event … when you hear a loud laughter … it´s my boss ;)