Combining SamFS and the Amazon S3 storage service

A while ago, i speculated about a combination of SamFS and a cloud storage service in SamFS at home. Yesterday i´ve read Angelos article about mouting Amazon S3 Buckets in OpenSolaris. You have to take into consideration, that SamFS on-disk archiving isn´t much more than using directories in a filesystem to store the data in container files. The integration of S3 buckets is done by using the s3fs as a userland filesystem with FUSE (there is an FUSE implementation available on as it´s foundation. Thus you can access the S3 service as a normal filesystem. The combination of both components (SamFS and s3fs) should give you the capability to archive your data into an S3 bucket while having the data in regular use in your SamFS cache. PS: I hope i find some time to try this next weekend.