IP Multipathing rethought: Clearview IPMP

Nothing is that good, that you can´t improve it. As a part of the Clearview project, the IP Multipathing in Solaris was rearchitected from the ground up to solve some design limitations of IPMP. The results of this projecte had their putback to Opensolaris 106 a few days ago:

As the project name suggests, IPMP's inner workings have been rewritten from the ground up to address numerous longstanding architectural flaws. The most visible change is that each IPMP group is now modeled as a single IP interface that hosts a set of IP addresses that are dynamically bound to a set of underlying IP interfaces.

There is a good overview in the projects documentation. (BTW: This is one of the things i like with Solaris. Good documentation is a mandatory deliverable with a new project.) New in this rearchitected IPMP: