Updated SDN article about pfexec

After some comments from readers Marina and I updated the article about pfexec at the Sun Developer Network. We integrated some clarifications and changed the wording in some parts. It`s difficult to write a text, when the jargon is a little bit ambigous. After a writing “root capabilities” several times, you want to use another word … as i think of having root rights as a privilege (you are a trusted and knowledgeable user), i like the phrase “root privileges”. But as privileges are already a common phrase in Solaris 10, it´s a little bit problematic as the capabilities of root are the result of a set of privileges, not a single privilege. So there is no “root privilege” (set this privilege and you are root) in the sense of the least privileges concept. At the end we opted for leaving the phrase “root privilege” in the text at some parts.