Linux, Solaris and the alleged conflict

Jim Grisanzio wrote an excellent piece about the alleged areas of conflict between Linux and Solaris in “It´s still too late”:

So, is it too late to catch Linux? I'm not sure it matters much in that context. It's a big world, and there is room for all of us to fit. We simply have too much work to do learning from Linux in some areas where they are strong, focusing on some of our clear advantages in other areas, transforming the existing Solaris base into an open community, and reaching out to new users and developers who have never even heard of us. It's not too late. Not by a long shot. I just don't view projects from that perspective.

I share this opinion. This is the very reason why i don´t like the question “Sun is the bad guy because they have their own Unix and don´t work at the Linux kernel”. I´m a Solaris supporter … but there is room for both operating environments.