About migrations

This is a trend i´ve recognizing for a while now: Companies stopped to migrate to Linux for the migrations sake. I think it´s a combination of Solaris 10 (as i wrote several time: the tenth version rescued the Solaris franchise), the consequence of several burned fingers with Linux and some people that doesn´t take this “Linux is cheaper” meme for granted and use their own pencil and calculator. The Computerworld writes about this tendency in Replacing high-end Unix with enterprise Linux? Not so fast:

As Qualcomm's director of IT, Matthew Clark was part of the team that reviewed the Linux option. The company's ratio of administrators to users is currently 500-to-1 (although he plans to lower that to about 450-to-1). "With Linux, it would have been 150- or 175-to-1. We would have had to hire three additional administrators for every administrator we have right now working on Unix," Clark says.

Another Solaris user states in the same article:

"We won't be as aggressive in replatforming to Linux as we initially thought," he says. But, he adds, "we feel that both platforms will have a place in our infrastructure."

A really interesting read.