MSI Wind PC and Opensolaris

I just bought a MSI Wind PC . This is a device in the so-called “Nettop” range. 1.6 GHz Atom, 1 GB RAM, 320 GB harddisk and 30 Watts of power consumption in a small case. I bought it as the foundation of my new home storage server. I just put a first Opensolaris test installation on the system. I did a test installation of Opensolaris Build 99. It detected the network card, i was able to ping my router, the GNOME desktop was configured with the correct resolution (1440*900). I was really pleased by this experience, as the RealTek 8111C NIC was known for making problems with older releases of Opensolaris. Over the next days day i will transform this into a storage server with ZFS,SamFS et al. The internal disks will be the cache for SamFS, the external USB disks will be the archive storage for this system. I hope to put the archive harddisks to sleep at most of the time by this configuration due to activated power management.