Making an one dot zero out of the LKSF book

I´ve decided to stop the writing of new parts for the LKSF for a while and want to make a version 1.0 of of this document. There is one major showstopper on the way. I had just an mediocre B in English as i found physics, chemistry and biology and micro/macro economics much interesting than languages. I know there are several typos in the document and i assume many errors regarding the grammar. Thus i ask for your helping hands for proof reading the document. To give you something back for your help, i´ve introduced the “Credits/Kudos” section at the end of the book. Well, when you want to help me at this task, just drop me a mail at ! PS: The missing apostrophe in “aren´t” or “don´t” are not typos … it´s an error in the .tex-source i´ve made consistently in the document. I´m writing a perl script for a mass subsitition at the moment to fix this.