Less known Solaris Features: SamFS - Part 9: Conclusion

Okay, this was a rather long tutorial and i didn´t even talked about the configuration of tape devices. As i told you before: Only the toes in the atlantic ocean. But i hope, i gave you some insight into a somewhat unconventional topic and a capability of an optional part the Solaris Operating Environment. I assume, with the opensourcing of SamFS we will see a much more widespread use of it.

Do you want to learn more?

Reading the documentation is even more important than for the other features i presented in this series: Documentation
docs.sun.com: Sun StorageTek Storage Archive Manager Installation and Upgrade Guide
docs.sun.com: Sun StorageTek SAM File System Configuration and Administration Guide
docs.sun.com: Sun StorageTek SAM Archive Configuration and Administration Guide Misc. information
Sun Whitepaper: Sun StorEdge QFS and SAM-FS Software