Less known Solaris Features: fuser

You know the problem. You try to unmount a filesystem, but all you get is a “Device Busy”. How do you find the process blocking the unmount?


fusers enables you to look for the processes that access a directory or a file. For example we can check for all processes using the / filesystem as their “working filesystem”:

# fuser -c /<br />
/:      701ctm     676ctm     675ctom     672ctom     596ctm     592ctm     585ctm     584ctom     581ctom     568ctm     523ctom     521ctom     481ctom     478ctom     477ctom     469ctom     456ctom     437ctom     425ctm     418ctom     412ctom     402ctom     401ctom     399ctom     380ctom     379ctom     366ctm     345ctom     341ctom     338ctom     333ctom     332ctom     319ctom     272ctom     262ctom     153ctm     140ctm     133ctom     131ctom     125ctm     100ctom      18ctm       9ctom       7ctom       1ctm

I´m sure you alread assume, that the numbers stand for the process id´s. But what does all that letters mean. I will cite the manpage for this: