A short walkthrough to the OpenSolaris Developer Preview

As i wrote before, the first preview of the OpenSolaris binary distribution was published. I tried an install with VMware server and it worked without any problem. I created a walkthrough to the installation. You don´t really need one … i just want to show how simple the installation was …

  1. When you start the LiveCD you see an Icon “Install Opensolaris”. Click on it an choose Install
  1. I choosed “whole disk” as it´s only a virtual disk of VMware

  1. Choose an adaequate timezone

  1. Select a root password and create a normal user

  1. You see the summary. Click on “Install”

  1. Wait! Wait!

  1. When the “Finished” screen appears, click on the reboot button.

  1. Grub appears. Wait.

  1. Some first-boot scripts like the import of the SMF-manifests runs

  1. Login!

  1. You have a completly installed OpenSolaris system

And when you look at the Terminal window, you might notice that the boot filesystem of the system is a ZFS file system. This is really cool. Kudos to the Solaris team for such all this work. And this is only the first preview ….