Whenever you speak about Solaris with some Linux fans, they will tell you “I would like to use ZFS, dtrace is so cool … but well … i can´t do it … it´s not in linux. And it´s your fault, because of your OSS license”. Okay … that were multiple persons merged to one citation. But it´s a good summary of all the stuff i hear all the day. I found two blog entries, that speak out what i think: When you want Solaris feature, just use Solaris, and don´t wait for some shoehorned concept in your favorite religion-laden operating environment. When you think rational about the problem, you should not tied to your operating systems, you should look at your tasks and your applications. And when Solaris fits better than Linux into the equation , just use it … But it´s the same with the everlasting dispute about Windows/Unix, vi/emacs: People have a bias regarding their choices. And this bias seldoms comes from rational thinking.