Filesystems as a differentiator

In the recent years, many people thought of filesytems as a commodity. No further development needed. But that wasn´t true. Filesytems still matters and many issues had to be addressed. Out of this reason, Sun developed ZFS. Timothy Prickett Morgan wrote a nice article regarding to this topic in ITJungle: Sun Says File Systems Are An Important Differentiator”

Sun still believes that file systems matter, and its Zettabyte File System (ZFS) and the expanding role it could play in the IT industry are proof of this belief.

I can give you another example, that file systems still matter: I helped at the Sun Code Camp at Tuesday in Sun´s Hambug Office. This is an event to give developers some insights into Solaris and it´s inner workings. Most people were interested in ZFS, thus i hold an ad-hoc ZFS presentation. When several customers ask for the same topic,this is a strong hint, that it still matters.