Opensolaris for Linux users

Interesting article about the developments round about a more linux-like Opensolaris distribution - Sun OpenSolaris to become more ‘Linux-like’:

As it turns to Project Indiana, Sun faces another hurdle with its own customers. While Sun works to incorporate new Linux tools and features at the API level, it risks alienating existing Solaris users who like the OS the way it is. Haff and Iams agreed that Solaris devotees could push back in response to a perceived watered-down version of their OS.

I don´t see the risk of a contaminated Solaris. At first a more linux-like Solaris doesn´t mean that Project Indiana will only be a copy of Linux. From my point of view, it´s more like a Solaris with the installation procedures of a Linux distribution. And furthermore Project Indiana doesn´t mean that there will no Solaris Express CE anymore. So … it´s a good addition for the Linux users converting to Solaris.
PS: The probblem statement that led to Project Indiana is a good read to unstand what Project Indiana really is.