Computerworld don´t get the point

I believe, that the press still isn´t getting the point behind the “Solaris Binary compatibilty guarantee”. There are no problems for the user by having four paths of Sparc in the coming years: Sun guarantees that you can run the same binary on UltraSPARC T1 (and Niagara II of course), UltraSPARC IV+, APL or later on Rock. You can use the SPARC that fits best to your workload. No recompile. Simple moving it to the new platform. The binary compatibility guarantee was introduced for this very reason. To protect the investments of the customers . And to enable the customer to choice the system that fulfills the job at best. So, dear ComputerWorld:Where are the issues for our customers by having more than one choice? As “his Steveness” said: “It´s good to have choice”