Solaris 8 to Solaris 10 migration

It´s only a thought game and this blog entry is more a note to myself. I know we have the binary compatibility guarantee, but i know customers, who would like to take their complete Sol8 environment onto new machines. They don´t want to requalify the perl binaries and they don´t want to change the configuration or startup scripts. Now Sol 8 doesn´t run the newest machine. i thought a little bit about this problem. Between two coffees i drafted an idea: Host A is a Solaris 8 system with an old application. Host B is a ultranew Sol 10 system. Same architecture.
Step 1: Checking the application binary with ldd on host A, which libaries will be loaded by the application.
Step 2: Snoop with truss on host A which files were accessed and which binaries where forked while running the application
Step 3: Stripe the leading slash, and copy all files found in step 1 and 2 from Host A to Host B relative to a directory (eg /lib/ will be copied to /export/app/foobar/lib/
Step 4: Run the Application in a chroot jail like chroot /export/app/foobar solaris8application Is this feasible? Did i forgot something? i think i have something to try out between christmas and new years eve …