Container in the grid

How many systems have you lurking around in your homeoffice? One or maybe two. I have to admit that i have three beside of my venerable Powerbook G4. But two of them are Macs and not really useful when you want to experiment with Solaris. But as “distributed systems” is one of my pet topics, i was in need of several systems. VMware was a major pain in the a… when it came to emulating 10 systems on my Opteron gear even when i upgraded it to 4 Gigabyte of memory. As an example one of my “challenges” for this day: Only one home user system in reach and i want to test out a Grid Engine configuration before sending it to a customer. This is exactly an use case for Solaris Zones. In almost no time i was able to fire up 3 Solaris Zones (the longest part was waiting for the installation), installed the N1 Grid Engine in the three zones and made my test runs. Made some debugging. Job done. This is the way technology should work. (Deutsche Version des Artikels im Solarium.