Not-so-smart bombs

Whenever a friend asks me about a tip in regard of flying and getting rid of the fear of flying a give them some hints and at the end i make the joke “Oh, and then there are the people who ask you friendly to bend over while thy putting on a latex glove. Just relax”. All muscles of the face just go south and the reactions are just to funny to leave out this joke. Just be sure, that you don’t start to smile ;) The problem: I don’t think that using a plane will be fun, when you think about the implications of the latest attack on a saudi prince: The assassin had the bomb inside of his body … to be exact … in his colon. That’s looks to be the newest fashion in not-so-smart bomb technology. With George W. Bush i would be sure, that would lead to rectal probing for everyone. With Obama i have some hope, that they won’t go this far. Perhaps we just see an increased rate of radiation induced cancer due to mandatory X-ray examinations at the airport, because the backscatter scanners (we call them “nude scanner” in Germany) are not capable to look into a body, just under the clothes. PS: I don’t know what Mr. Schaeuble will do in regard of this.