Unlocking Windows Screensaver via Firewire

Your colleague is at lunch, he or she didn´t loged out, and the screen is locked? And you need the workstation right now? No problem! Adam Boileau has a neat solution or this problem. Simply use winlockpwn to unlock the system. You colleagues notebook has no Firewire port? No problem, you only have to put a Cardbus Firewire card into the system. Wait for auto installation (Windows autoinstall drivers while screenlocked) and use winlockpwn to get access to the system. Don´t hassle around with this strategy to cool down chips and put them in a different system for the cold boot attack, you can read the memory of the live system. How does this hack work? Well, just read this presentation:Hit by a Bus: Physical Access Attacks with Firewire . This trick was presented 2 years ago, but you can still use it. This hack uses a feature of Firewire: It uses DMA for the fast transfer of data. With this capability you can read and write the memory of the system … and that´s the master key to the kingdom. And to add insult to injury: You can´t really change it, as the DMA is the “Fire in Firewire” as Adam coined it .. PS: Where is my credit card … i need a firewire card for my old notebook ;)