The number

When you search for a certain sequence of hex digits, you find will 1.32 million hits. The sequence is the processing key for HD-DVD. Even when the MPAA forces Google and Digg to delete all the pages from the indexes or delete all the comments in community forums, those pages must have had millions of pageviews the last few day. Any attempt to delete this key from the internet is senseless. This sequence must be on literally millions of hard discs. And to add insult to injury: The hack, that leaded to this sequence hit the HD-DVD at it´s most delicate spot. You can´t revoke the mechanisms without collateral damages. Or as the Wired Gadget Lab Blog writes:

How might the companies respond? The processing key can now be changed for future disks. However, the flaws inherent in the system make it appear easy to discover the replacement: the method of attack itself will be hard to offset without causing knock-on effects. For example, revoking player keys (in advance of obfuscating the keys in memory in future revisions of the system) would render current players unable to view future movies. Revoking the volume and processing keys that have been hacked would mean that all movies to date would not run on new players.