Bruce Schneier on Spam

Bruce Schneier wrote an interesting article about Spam: Why Spam Won’t Go Away. Spam and spam protection is the same like designing an unbreachable armor. You are save for a while, but the bullet designers wins at the end at any case. Thus the only way to stop the arms race is making the bullet more expensive than the wins you get by using the bullet. But before this happens Microsoft should stop to produce a ricochet generating operating system making blacklisting almost useless.
Perhaps the spam can only prevented by the same tactics spammers use: Distributed attack mitigation against distributed spam fanouts. A user generated whitelist based on a web of trust. People in my own address book are trusted sender of mail, the people in the address book of my contact are half trusted sender and so on. And people or senders marked as Spammers in my address book are 100% malicious, people or systems in spam lists are 50% malicious. If the trust value or malicious value is above 51% the mail gets the “ham” tag, below this value it´s tagged as spam.