Land of the proud, the brave and the absurd

Dear US-americans, i´ve planed to visit you country more often, now i ´ve loosed my fear of flying, as your country seems to be really nice. But yesterday i´ve canceled all my planings. Why? I dont want to treated like a criminal when i want to visit you country. I know, i´m only a guest in your country, but in a civilized relationship between countries, it´s usual do behave like a kind host. We call “prints from all ten fingers” in germany “identification treatment” or “erkennungsdienstliche Behandlung”. Something we do with people, who commited a crime. So such announcements as reported in the Washington Post like this are no well-suited to invite guests in your country:

Homeland Security officials recently announced plans to expand the $362 million program to require prints from all 10 fingers and thumbs by the end of 2008. The US-VISIT program currently requires only prints from two index fingers.

Joerg PS: What´s next … pee in a bottle or giving some blood for genetic fingerprints?