Tracking devices

When you look at your mobile, you may see it as a useful tool. It enables you to communicate at any time at any place. However due to the technical needs of mobile communication, it’s a tracking device, too. A tracking device that is carried by millions of people alone in Germany. The german politician Malte Spitz extracted the connection data collected by his mobile phone carrier by going to a court and gave this data to the respected german newspaper Zeit (to be exact, the online department). The result shows, how dangerous these tracking devices are. However most people need those tracking devices for telecommunication. However we can’t allow governments to have such data. When we allow the governments to force mobile providers to store this data for half a year as planed, we allow them track all our movements of the last six month. This would be the death of freedom, the death of privacy. We can’t allow goverments to force us to choose between communication and privacy. If you don’t believe me, just look at interactive visualisation of the data collected about the person Malte Spitz on Just press on the play button below the map. There is no better demonstration that laws for a telecommunication data retention without reasonable suspicion are one of the most urgent dangers for freedom.