Esquire endorses Obama

The Esquire endorses Obama for president and explains its endorsement in an really striking way:

[...] Bushism must be ripped out, root and branch, everywhere it has been established, or else the presidential election of 2008 is a worthless exercise in futility. Barack Obama may not be the man to do it, but John McCain, for all his laudable qualities, clearly is neither willing nor able to do so. To continue to govern ourselves this way is unthinkable. It is unsustainable as a democracy to continue to mock so egregiously in secret what we continue to profess in public. That is the task for the next president. That is the main reason to vote for Barack Obama of Illinois. We strongly encourage you to do so.

I hope my travel to the CEC next weekend will be to a country with Obama as the elected upcoming president. There are many reasons to like the USA, but Bush stacked up almost as many reasons to dislike the USA.