Strange combination

Some things are even somewhat too cynical even for such cynical minds like me. The Independent writes in
NHS should not save patients’ lives if it costs too much, says watchdog

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (Nice) has said the natural impulse to go to the aid of individuals in trouble – as when vast resources are used to save a sailor lost at sea – should not apply to the NHS.[...]The disclosure follows last week's controversial decision by Nice to reject four new drugs for kidney cancer even though they have been shown to extend life by five to six months.[...]The judgement overrules advice from Nice's own citizen's council, which recommended two years ago that it should adopt a "rule of rescue" as an essential mark of a humane society.

This happens when pure econmic thinking supersedes some of the basic achievements of culture. This ruling gets an even stronger bad aftertaste when you think about the EPIC FAIL of some parts of the NHS (National Health System) new computer system with at least to big companies that left this project (Accenture and Fujitsu). If they leave the table with the already paid money … well … this will be interesting legal disputes. At the end:As BBC wrote in New blow for NHS e-record system

The estimated final overall cost of computerising the NHS in England is currently £12.7bn.

With £12.7bn just for a central health record you could give a lot of people a little bit more time by giving them the drugs they need.