Chris Mellor again ...

I don´t know, if Chris Mellor was invited to a presentation of the S7000 storage series or what he did there (if he was invited) besides of drinking coffee, eating cookies and living in it´s own reality. Anyway … if you need another reason to put him on the large heap of journalists of questionable quality, you should read his last article:

The Sun 7000 business model, with its commodity hardware aspects, is good news in Oracle-land, but its open source software is not. Not to Oracle, any way. Neither is the bag-of-bits aspect of the 7000's software environment particularly attractive to many customers. Here are the software lego blocks; now build the storage array hardware and software system yourself. No thank you. I want to have an easier time implementing my storage array.

Chris, the last time i´ve looked at the S7000 series, it was a appliance you order completely integrated with storage, software and server. Just like your beloved NetApp, Chris. Those systems are nothing much more than than storage, servers and software … ;) There was a time, when an negative article at the Register could be an nail to the coffin of a product, now many articles are nails to the coffin of the Registers reputation.