How to activate IPoIB Connected mode in Solaris 10 Update 9

Just a short hint: The What’s new document of Solaris 10 Update 9 states, that the support for IPoIB Connected Mode has been added in the release. However you have to search a bit in order for some information how to activate it. The necessary step is documented in the manpage for the ibd driver. Let’s assume you have to instances of the ibd driver running (ibd0 and ibd1). In this case you have to change one line at the end of /kernel/drv/ibd.conf file to enable_rc=1,1; and reload the ibd driver respectively reboot the system. After that you ibd devices should show an mtu size of 65520 bytes instead of 2044. PS: The process for Solaris 11 is better, as you just use dladm for it. However connected mode is the default there anyway. In Solaris 10 unreliable datagram was kept as the default, as one of the rules in Solaris is that you have to opt-in to such changes between updates.