PeopleSoft North American Payroll on M4000/F5100

A few days ago i wrote about a recent Peoplesoft benchmark at a part of the article “App benchmarks, incorrect conclusions and the Sun Storage F5100” There was one part missing due to increased workload at the OOW 09 - the official paper about the benchmark. It’s now available for download and Giri Mandalika linked to it in the blog article “PeopleSoft North American Payroll on Sun Solaris with F5100 Flash Array : A blog Reprise” This is the formal confirmation, that the second benchmark of HP that yielded similar results to the Sun result isn’t comparable as it used 16 instead of the 8 job streams of all other benchmarks. Giri writes:

Since there is one 16 stream result as well in the following table, exercise caution when comparing 8 stream results with 16 stream results. In general, 16 parallel job streams are supposed to yield better throughput when compared to 8 parallel job streams. Hence comparing a 16 stream number with an 8 stream number is not an exact apple-to-apple comparison. It is more like comparing an apple to another apple that is half in size.

Regarding the configuration the benchmarking paper confirms already known facts about the storage configuration:

The Sun Storage Flash Array F5100 was used for storage of tables, indexes and ‘undo’ and that the Sun Storage J4200 Array was used for redo logs only.