Presentation for the Linuxtage 2009 in Graz

I´ve made my talk at the Grazer Linuxtage yesterday. At first i have to thank the hosts of the Linuxtage. The invitation to this event gave me the opportunity to fly over the Alps. In just one word expressions: Impressive, great, WOW. That was really,really great. Thank you for the invitation, Michael. The event was great, too. Well, i did the Moelli Solaris Show (a good friend of mine call this presentations “Shock and awe” presentations). 180 Slides in just 50 minutes (okay, i had 45 minutes, but i exceed my time budget a little bit). As i had to speed over some slides i want to give you the slides here:

(click on image to view presentation)

I think this presentation was a success. The room was almost full. Would say 30 people or so, but i´m bad at estimating numbers of peoples. I think the audience enjoyed it (comments are welcome). The bar of Zotter chocolate as a thankyou for the presentators was a great idea. Helped me through the day :) Michael, when you need a presentator at your next event, don´t hesitate to ask me. BTW: That is valid to you all … when you need a decent speaker about Sun or Solaris at your open source event … you can ask me ;) PS: Constantin - I know that this is not the CI font in the preso, but i don´t like this cheap Helvetica ripoff called Arial. I´m a Futura fan. In my opinion the best font ever made.)