About all this "What Sun should do?" articles

I´ve thought about linking to all this people writing articles about “What Sun should do now?”. But at the end most of this articles are written with no background knowledge or with an hidden agenda. So i simply decided not to link to this articles at all. But there is an article i want to comment. Rich Sharples writes in What Sun Should Do:

#3 Solaris
See above. Linux has won. Whatever technical merit Solaris has today will be commoditized next year. The innovation around Linux is relentless.

Next year … really? ZFS is available for years now. I don´t see it´s commoditization by any technology in Linux at the moment. Same thing for DTrace. No SSD support besides of simply using it as a faster disk.
And i know, all those Linux people will cry “Foul” but i do not really see innovation in the Linux kernel. Having many hardware drivers in the kernel isn´t an innovation. Commoditization and innovation are diametral concepts. Linux is good in commoditization, it´s the master in the field of good enough. But it fails in the field of innovating. And to get interesting technologies (besides of drivers) Linux need strong competitors. We don´t stand still. There are other interesting technologies in their creation that will gives us a good technological lead. By the way. To understand Mr. Sharples standpoint you should know, that he is “Director, Product Management at Red Hat”. What a strange luck that he suggests to drop products that could hurt his employer. I tend to say this is a kind of hidden agenda. From my perspective, Sun has just to learn one thing: Learning to kick the butts of our competitors with their good enough products and learning to make more money from our innovations. But: You don´t make money by dropping them.