Yet another analyst's blurb

At the moment there the comment of an UBS analyst is discussed in the usual media outlet: “Oracle May Cut Half of Sun Workers, UBS Analyst Says (Update2)”. Well, i won’t comment about this sh…stuff, but i want to ask you just two questions: How many analysts predicted the acquisition of Sun by Oracle? When analysts have more informations or a better reasoning than the usual person, why have they still to earn their money by writing reports? ;) Remembers me of an event i attended in 2001 (before Sun) where i told the audience, that i’m not trusting analysts, as they don’t have to stay awake when the stuff they hyped fails in the middle of the night ;) Sorry … but i’m just ignoring analysts reports or dissecting them for fun. So let’s just wait, what will really happen when the EC gives it’s okay ;)