The mother of all USB-Sticks ;)

At last i can talk a little bit more about an upcoming product. Talking about it . I’m following the genesis of this product for quite a time now - at eWeek your will find an article about the products Sun is presenting and previewing at the ISC ´09 (an event in Hamburg at the moment)

In another preview, Sun is showing off its flash array for the enterprise, with up to 2TB of storage in a 1U (1.75-inch) system. It will offer I/O rates equivalent to 3,000 disk drives while consuming 300 watts of power, which fits well with the push for more energy-efficient data centers, Brown said.

I won´t comment about exact specifications, but this upcoming product is really interesting. When i´ve read first about this design i just thought “Wow! Excellent idea”. Just think, what you could do with 1 or 2 TB of flash. You could use it as a huge L2ARC device for ZFS or for multiple TB worth of ultrafast swap space … or just keeping you complete database on such a device.