Comparing compilers

There are some good reasons to try the Sun Studio Compiler Suite. One of them is a better performance of the resulting code than with GCC . The BestPerf blog reports about their findings in “Free Compiler Wins Nehalem Race by 2x
Not the Free Compiler That You Thought, No, This Other One.

The freely available Sun Studio 12 Update 1 compiler on OpenSolaris provides more than double the performance of GCC V4.4 on SuSE Linux, as measured by SPECfp_base2006. If compilation is restricted to avoid using autoparallelization, Sun Studio still wins by 38% (base to base), or by more than 25% (Studio base vs. GCC peak).

From my point of view the real point of GCC isn´t performance … it is his ubiquity on almost every platform. But for performance you should opt for alternatives.