Sun Storage 7310

The Sun Storage 7000 family got a new member. There were many customers, where a 7410 was a little bit large, but needed the cluster functionality (a feature missing at the 7110 and 7210 mandated by their design, you can’t failover when the storage is in the head). So there was quite a demand for a smaller 7410. The Sun Storage 7310 was made with this demand in mind. Will help to stop some discussions at the customers. The most important feature: You can put the 7310 heads into a HA cluster. They are smaller than the 7410 heads, so you “just” put 2 Opterons in them, not 4 The head is based on a 2-socket, 1RU server with 8 drive bays (2 used for boot disks). Thus you can add 6 SSD for read-acceleration via L2ARC per node (600 GB per node, 1.2 TB per cluster). 64 GB memory (it’s used mostly as a DRAM cache for the filesystem). You can attach up to 96 TB of disk storage. Featurewise the system is equivalent to the others system, as it use the same software. System prices starts at $40,140 list price, all software features included. You will find additional informations at the Sun Website: Sun Storage 7310 Unified Storage System