Sun Storage 7310 and Sun Storage 7410 compared

Brendan compared the 7310 and the 7410 performancewise in his blog. The results were really impressive:

Workload 7310 Result 7410 Result
NFSv3 streaming read from DRAM ~1.08 Gbytes/sec ~2.02 Gbytes/sec
NFSv3 streaming read from disk 780 Mbytes/sec 1.20 Gbytes/sec
NFSv3 streaming write to disk ~477 Mbytes/sec ~595 Mbytes/sec
NFSv3 read IOPS from DRAM 180,000 IOPS 281,000 IOPS

I want to agree with Brendan - 1 GByte/s is a great result, especially when you consider, that this box wasn´t a fully blown 7310. Just one socket was filed with a CPU. I´m curious how far a fully blown system would go …