Some personal thoughts about Oracle, Sun and Suns hardware business

There are so many statements in the Internet, that Oracle will kill of Suns hardware business when the deal is finally closed. Well … that´s really interesting, because in the official presentation of Sun there were several statements, that they want to provider solutions from app to disk. They talked about investment protection of SPARC customers. I assume that many from this “experts” and “analysts” doesn´t took the time to analyse the data available to the public before they started to the race “Who predicts a higher reduction in force?” It´s just an educated guess, but i even think (and thats a personal opinion just based on the available material) that nothing will change in regard of the Hardware business of Sun. When a combined Oracle/Sun wants to be competitive you have to produce your components at a certain price point, for a competive price point you need volume. And as large as the Oracle DB market is, i don´t think it´s huge enough to provide volume. Assuming that Oracle will kill of Sun HW or just selling it with Oracle would be equal to an IBM just selling their xSeries or pSeries system to Websphere and DB2 customers.