HP vs. Sun 10 GBit/s in Blades

I´ve just made an interesting discovery when i did a quick pricing check for HP and Sun 10 GBe in Blades. I hope i didn´t made a mistake while configuring the stuff but i don´t think i made one … When you want to have 10 GB/e to all blades and some GBE Uplinks you need at HP an 10 GBe NIC per blade (HP NC532m 10 GbE BL-c), a XFP (HP SR XFP Opt ion Kit 443756-B21) and at last the switch itself (HP 10Gb Ethernet BL-c Switch 445860-B21). Let´s have quick look into the configurator of HP. The Switch costs you $12199, each XFP costs you $1399 and for 10 blades you need the NIC for $699 each. Short calculation: List price of $20588. I´ve have choosen 10 blades, to keep the calculations comparable. You need some compute power to drive 10 GBe so it´s reasonable to assume that we have full-size blades. I decided to calculate with 4 half-size blades as well to get to 10 blades in HP c7000 shelf. Doing the same with the Sun Blade 6000 Virtualized Multi-Fabric 10GbE Network Express Module: $4,999.00 for the module. For some blades you need the Sun Blade Passthru FEM. Let´s assume for our calculation you need them for all of them. One FEM costs you $75. You need two Sun 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ Short Reach Pluggable Tranceivers. Costs you $250 per transceiver. Short calculation: $6249. On top you get one additional GBe-Interface per blade and SAS networking. That´s quite a large difference.