Still swamped!

There are several articles in various states of completion for this blogs … but the “I´m swamped” state is still active. I have a presentation on monday in front of colleagues regarding the last Server Teach-The-Trainer workshop. Many new products are in the pipe and i promised to hold two presentations about it. On Tuesday i´m in Weimar for the Sun Partner University 2009. My presentation is “The future of Solaris - the future in Solaris”. The Partner University is a really good event, so i don´t want to drop out with a low-quality presentation there. I´m still working on it at the moment … it´s the fifth iteration at the moment and i assume the last corrections will be done on tuesday noon right in front of the presentation. Perhaps i should stop to handcraft presentations for almost each presentation and just kludge some US presentation together. But that would be my style … And then there is the NuBIT presentation of friday. Only a short one … half an hour. But as i´m on the road on Thursday this will be a task for all the evenings to finalize this presentation as well. But because of the special style i don´t have to prepare so much.
Well … i hope you understand blogging was a little bit sparse in the last few days and will stay that way at least until Tuesday after the presentation :)