Rock is alive

I tend to say it on a regular schedule in this blog, i say it to my colleagues and everybody who ask me: “Rock is alive and is doing well”. But just in case you don´t believe me … Jonathan said the same on an analyst conference yesterday. TPM wrote about this at TheRegister - Sun will Rock in 2009:

"I think we've said to plan on it for later this year, and we are still on track," Schwartz said.

Hey, the signs for upcoming Rock based systems are as large as the Alps . Okay, when you know where you have to look, for example in the caselog for OpenSolaris. I´ve hold back this link for some weeks now, but now someone has already published it in the Register comment section… so i assume it´s save to publish it here (I´m still not an official leak ;) ). ARC 2008/761 is a really interesting link:

4.1.1. Supernova platform names
   Supernova platforms will have the following root node "name" and<br />
   "banner-name" properties.
   "name"<br />
      Type: Prop-encoded-string<br />
      Contents: Root node name property for Supernova platforms<br />
      Values:<br />
      Value: "SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-AT7480"    for Silver-II<br />
      Value" "SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-AT7880"    for Platinum-II
   "banner-name"<br />
      Type: Prop-encoded-string<br />
      Contents: Banner name for Supernova platforms<br />
      Values:<br />
      Value: "SPARC Enterprise AT7480"        for Silver-II<br />
      Value: "SPARC Enterprise AT7880"        for Platinum-II<br />

This was the stuff i´ve talked about when someone asked me about Rock in the comments section and i´ve said “It´s doing, well but i can´t talk about it”. There are several other ARC cases pointing to Rock-based systems … but hey … search on your own … may be you will find other interesting features on the course ;) But don´t hold your breath …. you can´t order the systems now. PS: This is one of the cases where you think “Why do you need NDAs when your fellow colleagues in development write parts of the NDA stuff in their ARC cases and in their code?” I´m glad they didn´t more specific stuff about the systems ;) But i assume, you have to live with it, when your operating system is open-source.