Sun Cluster 3.2 01/09

Sun announced the availability of Sun Cluster 3.2 1/09. Several interesting features found their way into this release:

  • Cluster Configuration Checker
  • Data Service for Informix
  • Exclusive-IP Zones Support
  • Global-Devices Namespace on a lofi Device
  • IPsec on the Cluster Interconnect

    The cluster interconnect transports a lot of data depending on the configuration, for example due to the PxFS. So it's not unreasonable to encrypt this interconnect.
  • Optional Fencing
  • PostgreSQL WAL Shipping Support

    With this feature you can build a cluster without shared storage. You work with synchronized databased via Log Shipping and you switching over to a independent database. So you don't need a SAN to build a database cluster
  • Quorum Enhancements
    • Software Quorum

      This one is interesting for devices unable to use SCSI reservations for the quorum. With a software quorum you can use any harddisk you can attach at the cluster nodes
    • Quorum Monitoring
    • New Automated Response to a Change in Quorum Device Status
  • Solaris Containers Clusters, or Zone Clusters
  • ZFS Root File Systems, Except the Global-Devices Namespace

You will find the release note of Sun Cluster 3.2 1/09 at