Fishworks and the future

So we got all this positive reviews about Fishworks. Especially Analytics gets really excellent reviews. But most of the reviews jump a step too short. Don´t think of Analytics as a storage-only thing. It´s DTrace. DTrace is everywhere in Solaris. It´s in the networking stack, it´s found it´s way in many applications already, it´s in tens of thousands of places. Every appliance using OpenSolaris could use Analytics. So: Don´t think of OpenStorage, think of OpenAppliance. Just imagine a dtracified Xen (This step is already done). Think of a virtualisation appliance capable of doing analytics like on our new storage appliances (This step hasn´t been done so far). Or just take all this old and new networking stuff in Solaris, put a Fishwork GUI on it, and you have a capable router with really neat diagnostics included. Fishworks enables us to create other appliances with a great interface. So the impact of Fishworks will be much larger than just the storage business.